Primavera Contractor

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Primavera Contractor (Oracle License #L70135 )

Primavera Contractor was built to get you planning and scheduling immediately – right out of the box. With easy navigation, you will begin planning and controlling your project faster, add activities quickly and easily, drag and drop activity bars to add constraints or modify your plan, and still take full advantage of Critical Path Scheduling. Interactive, flexible PERT and Gantt charts make it simple for contractors to communicate with the client as well as other designers and subcontractors. Future Period Bucket Planning enables Planner/Scheduler to model resource requirements in a way that truly reflects how the work is planned and performed. With Primavera Contractor, planning the work and managing changes are quick and easy.

We encourage the purchase of Oracle Support with your Primavera license. Oracle Support provides technical support through which includes access to installation guides, future updates, patches, and maintains your eligibility for future product releases. Cost of first year support is 285.00 and can be purchased with the license. Oracle will contact you directly in years 2+. Estimated cost for second year support is $219.92 per license. We highly recommend the purchase and continuation of Oracle Support.

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