Save time, lighten your IT support workload, and utilize the experience of our Oracle Primavera certified implementation specialists to support your Primavera software. Please contact for more information on any of the below services.

Software Installation Services

Oracle Primavera applications are powerful and highly configurable. Encore Group IT specialists are installation experts with years of experience. By engaging Encore, your installation will be completed quickly and correctly the first time. We highly recommend this service to begin the return on your investment right away. Encore installations can also be supported by a Support Agreement (see below) to further ensure your ongoing satisfaction with Primavera. Software can also be downloaded from Oracle’s e-delivery site or installed on premise using hard copy media.

On-Call Support

Encore offers on-call support on an hourly or per engagement basis. Please contact us with the issue you are experiencing and we will attempt to assist you. You may also visit the Encore Support Page to download installation documents or submit a request.

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Encore Hosting

Encore Group’s hosting services are tools to help your team optimize your internal resources. Our advanced hosting hardware infrastructure allows your team to efficiently run their Oracle Primavera and other organizational software tools without dedicated IT resources. We provide you with a dedicated hardware infrastructure deployed from one of our global data centers, supervised by our experienced and knowledgeable technical staff. With Encore Group’s hosting and managed services, there’s no need to worry about installing new hardware to keep pace with software upgrades. We take care of hardware, software patches and version upgrades with a team of specialists that includes extensive, Oracle Primavera Certified Trainers and Consultants.

Encore Group Support Agreement

The Encore Group Support agreement provides robust and responsive Person-2-Person support. Our Oracle Primavera certified specialists serve as your Primavera Administrator to ensure the system, PMO, and IT department are supported and your personnel are not pulled away from other demands. We provide one point of contact for expert application assistance, database administration, error resolution, and patch or update installation. The combination of personnel time saved and the expert application of technology will more than pay for the investment in support.

Oracle Support

Encore Group recommends the purchase of Oracle Support with each software license. Oracle Support provides a web portal, MyOracleSupport, to submit a ticket and access installation guides. Purchase of Oracle Support also keeps the associated license eligible for future updates, patches, and major product releases as Oracle continues to develop the product. Oracle Support does not include actual labor to correct issues or install updates and patches.

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